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The Bang*Bang Shousetsu's seventh lady's edition is now out!

A lot of stories from familiar faces in this issue. That is a lot of quality stories about ladies who like other ladies! I may or may not also have a story in this one. And that story may or may not be Ravencloak. If you like ladies, and you like valkyrie, and if you like valkyrie who like ladies, please give it a go!
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And it begins

We're preparing to bring Sfeer Theory, issue 1 to print!

To that end, we've launched our Kickstarter campaign. If you love Sfeer Theory, please have a look -- if only for the AWESOME video Chira has put together (and it is, indeed, very awesome. Visit our Kickstarter page to have a look and place a donation, if you'd like.

We’re hoping to have the print edition ready for Anime Boston in April. The first volume will include Chapter 1 + a number of fun extras that will further explore Luca and the world around him.

If you like it, please boost the signal! All the proceeds will go to Sfeer Theory merchandise, and future publications. So if you’re a fan of Chira’s art, by all means help support the excellent artist who’s brought our characters to life.
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So from now on I will be posting from Moonsheen @ Dreamwidth. LJ's been good to me, but then it wasn't, so here we go.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone still checking this journal! I know I've been sparse this year. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster.

My grandmother died this year. She was the matriarch of my family in a big way, and so her absence has resulted in a lot of large changes. The old house I grew up in is being sold, and it's sad, but it's just what happens. I do miss her, but she was very unhappy and ill after my grandfather died.

It's odd that given the amount of sadness this year I can still say that on a whole I've been better then I've been in a long time. I've been able to stay in a stable, happy relationship with someone I really care about for the first time in...well, ever. I've left a job that wasn't getting me anywhere in favor of a job that, while it pays less, I find ultimately more satisfying and is closer to what I really want to do. I've eliminated a lot of the drains and stresses that made the year previous very difficult. My relationship with my family is still...complicated but it's improved, some, since I came out fully to them-- which was a pleasant surprise. And I've started to really work towards a dream that I've finally sort of admitted I have: i.e. to have a hard, published copy of something I wrote. To that end, I wrote not one book this year, but three, which, uh, needless to say has come as something of an eye-opener of what I'm capable of. To that end, I'm determined to do my best to see those books through and, if these ones don't cut it, I'll just write another, and another, until something takes.

It's oddly liberating to know I can do that. And that I have accomplished all these things. I don't find the idea so completely implausible now, and here's hoping I can really make it happen.

On a fandom front I've been a bit MIA. I participated in Yuletide this year, though.

I wrote Darkling I Listen, a Folklore fic. Folklore is a very obscure video game released for the PS3. It's kind of a flawed game with fun game play, beautiful designs, mediocre writing, and a confusingly kickass ending that made me really like it.

I received On The Way Back by FiKate, a very sweet story for Diana Wynne Jones' Hexwood. (One of my new favorite books) Mordion/Vierran, which has my heart. Schmoooop.

I also received Angels in the Aquarium, by That Person Who Did The Texts From Cephalopods Story also known as Volta_Arovet also known as That Person Who Put Up With Me While I Wrote A Book On Her Couch (and was only mildly exasperated by it). She wrote me Dane + Billy antics from China Mieville's Kraken and yes, tentacles were involved and no, amazingly they were not the sexy kind.

In conclusion, it's been a very good year.
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Well, I suppose it's time I dusted this thing off.
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Holiday Love Meme

Because I am feeling grumpy this morning and have an appointment with the dentist. Please give me some holiday cheer!
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...oh heavens should I be that charmed by a giant dancing flea. When is this movie hitting the States, again?
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Just as a heads up to my f-list, a couple of my awesome dudes, [ profile] meltedpeep & [ profile] odifen have a very awesome cat. Sadly, this very awesome cat is also very, very sick. They've opened up cheap commissions to help offset the vet costs. So if you want some art by some good artists AND help out a kitty? Go check it out.
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So, Otakon!

Otakon was a great deal of fun this year. It was hideously hot, and getting down there and back is usually a bit of an adventure with buses, and I had a bit of personal screaming latin chorus moments in my various attempts at costuming, but it's a con I'm always willing to accept some difficulties for because I've got a great group of people to meet there. [ profile] spacetart, [ profile] justbolts, and [ profile] dotiscute, I am talking to you! It was great to see all of you. Wish I could do it more than once a year! It was good to see [ profile] vikki as well! ...because you know, I never see [ profile] vikki. Or [ profile] lacunarity. Gosh. She NEVER drops by.

(also [ profile] yoiyami! [ profile] pengiesama! I'm really sorry I didn't get to see more of you guys!)

Anyway cosplay of this year was a very dignified and solemn affair.

By which we mean ESCA (bum bum) FLOWNE. Which was excellent. We were very old school, so a lot of those con youngsters didn't recognize us, but the people who did were SO EXCITED to see it. I'm pretty sure we were the only Escaflowne group at con. (also apparently chanting the Escaflowne theme is a good way to make people do a double take)

Anyway for PICS OR GTFO click here to see the really awesome antics captured by [ profile] justbolts and her bitchin' camera. She was also our equally bitchin' David Bowie Jareth the Goblin King Folken. (it was so great to have you back!)

And here for the really rad photoshoot we did with [ profile] lionboogy.

There's more, but they are floating about in other people's cameras (and Facebook galleries). This marks the first con where I made most of my own costume with minimal handholding (okay there was totally some hand holding, and tears. tears of blood. thank you my very understanding roommate and also my understanding girlfriend) from my very talented and very patient friends. MUUN HAS GAINED +1 IN SEWING. MUUN HAS ACQUIRED: A SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORM.

...guys I'm ten years older than this character. But it's okay. Otakon is sort of the con where I get to be an adult but also nerdy with my other friends who are also adult and nerdy. We sit and enjoy our love of dressing up/telling lies about cartoon characters and giant robots and the what not while also trading work stories and eating at restaurants we can all afford now. Which is exactly how I like my cons to be. So all and all, it was good times. And thank you everyone for sharing it with me.
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Quick Utena thing. Post-series. Mildly risque.

Utena and Anthy. Shall I...? )
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Issue #28 of Imaginary Beasts has just gone live!

Considering I know most of the authors in this issue, I can safely say it's a really good one. I wrote And Flowers Grow In Spring, a short story about life, death, greek mythology, and some kid who really hates college. Apologies in advance for the first person.


Jul. 6th, 2011 10:18 pm
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I suppose I should have something to say to make this not a gratuitous icon post.

Well, guess what book I have just finished rereading.

Thank you, [ profile] chirachira!
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So, whose home state has finally voted YES to marriage equality?

dancing Pictures, Images and Photos


It took four months, and there's a lot that still needs to be tuned. Now there's just editing, editing, more editing, and some rewrites. But I will finally have a manuscript to shop around and then comes the hard part

BUT IT IS DONE. I wrote it! I have written it! I even beat NaNO in the process! (100,000 words in two months)

(also, yanno, I could legally get married in the state I was born in. That's pretty cool, too.)
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Hello, world. I am back from England! It was ridiculously green and I climbed a lot of fells, pet a fat pony, was chased by cows, and met a sweet old man who baby talked his cat while also being a former RIDICULOUSLY BADASS MOUNTAINEER.

When I am less blistery and jetlagged I will compile a post (and pictures!) of my great adventures, but or now I am a little busy squealing over this REALLY AMAZING FANART I just got for Naomi and the Dream Eater! Aah, so cool!

Ahaha if people keep spoiling me like this I may very well have to try and make a book out of it.

(when I figure out how not to make it Harry Potter Meets Witch Week it is Harry Potter meets Witch Week)
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So, as some of you may know I am hiking in England right now. More specifically I am presently in a town called Boot, having walked there from Coniston today. Coniston is more commonly known as Ruskin land, where once there was Ruskin and now there is Ruskin's home and a corresponding museum. We visited his grave, there was nothing written on it, just Hindu iconography carved on on one side and Christian iconography on the other. We walked to Coniston from Ambleside, which was ten miles and ridiculously beautiful.

But today's was 15 miles. I was ready to die horribly.

Coniston to Boot, 15 miles, cloudy with a chance of cow. )
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So for my birthday (oh right, I had one of those. Hello everyone, I have grown a year older! I know, who does that?) the illustrious [ profile] meltedpeep has bequeathed upon me awesome fanart for my story, Naomi and the Dream Eater, which was that funny little story I threw together last minute for [ profile] imaginarybeasts a little while back.

Pardon me while I flail.

I HAD NO IDEA THAT I WAS GETTING ART TYPE THINGS FOR MY BIRTHDAY LET ALONE FOR MY BABY TAPIR STORY. Peep should be awarded for her remarkable poker face. Although in retrospect I probably shouldn't have been so surprised at the compelling power of a baby tapir.

Now pardon me while I flail some more.


May. 2nd, 2011 10:21 pm
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I have finished Okamiden. In the tradition of blatantly ripping off my friends ( that is, [ profile] halcyonjazz )I will now express myself in picture form.

A largely non-spoilery reaction to the end game )
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So I was a pony this weekend.
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So hallo, everyone!

I will be coming to Anime Boston this weekend at 2:25 PM by bus this year! Do you know where your children are? That is to say, who is going? Who is going to be in when? For general coordination of hanging out purposes. A topic of which I am deeply interested!

(also if you are [ profile] lacunarity let me know that you yet live. Very pertinent to my interests.)
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So in the tradition of me hulking out last minute to do ridiculous stories for zines in which a title along the lines of '[character] and the [weird beast here]'. Three days ago I wrote a story for Imaginary Beast's Book 26, which is now live! This time around it's Naomi and the Dream Eater. A silly little ditty about a young witch and her new familiar in a fake Catholic witchy all girl's school. For a rush job I am confusingly okay with it, even if I would have expanded it a bit if I could have. (okay I wrote it mostly for the cute pocket beastie. I want one)

Now, please have a video of a baby tapir. It is thematically appropriate.


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