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Dear Yuletide Author,

Firstly if you are willing to write any of these fandoms, I like your taste!

While there was definitely a bit of a romantic theme in my requests this year(my friends are probably laughing at me). I do love gen and plot-heavy stories as well! I like seeing characters having to solve problems together, particularly when they're characters with very different POVs on events in question. A lot of the characters I requested are characters who are often in these sorts of situations, so a monster-of-the-day set up is totally awesome and I would very much enjoy the ride.

I have no problem with adult themes. Porn is fine, but I'm not a big fan of non-con or really unhappy sexual situations. (Which isn't to say I don't like AWKWARD sex. I love awkward sex! It's more interesting that way!) As far as violence and abusive situations go (I am mostly thinking of Hexwood in this case) I prefer it to be implied rather than graphic. And, if you do do Hexwood my one squick is any form of Reigner One/Mordion. See also, non-con issues. I'm fine with mentions of abuse of the non-sexual variety but I do not want to see that dynamic sexualized in any way.

As far as Folklore goes, however, please feel free to ramp up the creepiness! It is about death and dead things and I like a little bit of creepiness.

Beyond that I like happy endings. I like antics. I like characters playing off of each other in interesting ways. Above all else, please have fun with it! There's really precious little fanthings for any of my listed fandoms, so anything you choose to do I will welcome a great deal!

All the best,

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