Aug. 8th, 2011

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So, Otakon!

Otakon was a great deal of fun this year. It was hideously hot, and getting down there and back is usually a bit of an adventure with buses, and I had a bit of personal screaming latin chorus moments in my various attempts at costuming, but it's a con I'm always willing to accept some difficulties for because I've got a great group of people to meet there. [ profile] spacetart, [ profile] justbolts, and [ profile] dotiscute, I am talking to you! It was great to see all of you. Wish I could do it more than once a year! It was good to see [ profile] vikki as well! ...because you know, I never see [ profile] vikki. Or [ profile] lacunarity. Gosh. She NEVER drops by.

(also [ profile] yoiyami! [ profile] pengiesama! I'm really sorry I didn't get to see more of you guys!)

Anyway cosplay of this year was a very dignified and solemn affair.

By which we mean ESCA (bum bum) FLOWNE. Which was excellent. We were very old school, so a lot of those con youngsters didn't recognize us, but the people who did were SO EXCITED to see it. I'm pretty sure we were the only Escaflowne group at con. (also apparently chanting the Escaflowne theme is a good way to make people do a double take)

Anyway for PICS OR GTFO click here to see the really awesome antics captured by [ profile] justbolts and her bitchin' camera. She was also our equally bitchin' David Bowie Jareth the Goblin King Folken. (it was so great to have you back!)

And here for the really rad photoshoot we did with [ profile] lionboogy.

There's more, but they are floating about in other people's cameras (and Facebook galleries). This marks the first con where I made most of my own costume with minimal handholding (okay there was totally some hand holding, and tears. tears of blood. thank you my very understanding roommate and also my understanding girlfriend) from my very talented and very patient friends. MUUN HAS GAINED +1 IN SEWING. MUUN HAS ACQUIRED: A SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORM.

...guys I'm ten years older than this character. But it's okay. Otakon is sort of the con where I get to be an adult but also nerdy with my other friends who are also adult and nerdy. We sit and enjoy our love of dressing up/telling lies about cartoon characters and giant robots and the what not while also trading work stories and eating at restaurants we can all afford now. Which is exactly how I like my cons to be. So all and all, it was good times. And thank you everyone for sharing it with me.


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