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So, the lady-time edition of SSBB is out! Click here to check it out! Though my particular favorite is The Care and Breeding of Metal Flowers, for no reasons in particular like knowing the author besides it partly being my fault. Besides fun characters. And robots. And snappy dialogue. Go check it out!
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I never really thought of myself as the type to make a Valentine's post, mostly because Valantine's day is a Hallmark holiday I generally assume is celebrated by OTHER PEOPLE. Usually on any given Valentine's Day I am either 1) at school 2) at work 3) at a convention prancing around as a dude. The third was one of the more interesting Valentine's Day I ever had. Then last year I spent Valentine's Day in Seattle screaming out Alanis Morisette in a truly epically terrible round of Rock Band with [ profile] katmaxwell, [ profile] vulchu, and [ profile] llamrei among others.

This year I spent Valentine's Day dragging myself to the courthouse after a painful night of coughing interrupted by maybe a half hour of sleep, getting myself excused from Jury Duty on account of the raging sinus infection I was diagnosed with later that morning, and summarily drugging myself to the gills and passing out until about... now, today.

That said it's still a Valentine's day I can't but think of as something to note, not so much because of the raging sinus infection and more to do with a CERTAIN SOMEONE sending me a CERTAIN SOMETHING first thing in the morning that made me feel infinitely better about everything, enough so that I could laugh at the inherent ridiculousness of the rest of the situation that morning.

None of this is a particular ideal way to wish anyone a Happy Valentine's Day but man, [ profile] lacunarity, thank you. I'm still not quite sure what I did to deserve you but I'm pretty dang happy for whatever it is.
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2010 was an interesting year. My grandfather died at the end of 2009, and this was the year I had to adjust to a world without him, hoping maybe I could make myself into someone who could do him proud. He was definitely the member of my family I felt made me who I was and I want to keep being someone who could do him justice. Ultimately, I think 2010 went a ways towards doing that. He's gone, but I'm a stronger person, and I'll keep getting stronger and I will damn well get that book deal. And I will damn well dedicate it to him. I'm writing again, and my creative projects are finally beginning to take off, and I'll do the very best I can to get better and better.

2010 was also a year where I learned a lot more about people. I let a lot of new people into my life this year. Some of them turned out to not be worth it. Some of them turned out to be some of my new favorite people in the world. And some were people who were always there, but who I realize more than ever I am so grateful to have known as long as I have.

So yeah, I think I've come out of this year pretty all right.

And to all those people: thank you, very much. You remind me why I think the world's a pretty cool place.

Happy New Year, all of you.
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I spent my Christmas Eve with my family and going out to eat Japanese food. Which I guess is suitable for a bad half-Jew. Then I came home and wrote more of the gay pilot story I'm posting in bits over at [ profile] mineoyster. I've already clocked a heck of a lot of words on this and I'm vaguely proud of it!

And then I wrote some of the Revolutionary Girl Utena story that's been banging around in my head after I marathoned the series last month. Post-series. Very post-series. Part one of...well, we'll see how far I get. I've been waiting ten years to write for this series. 1,332 words.

'What do you think we'll be doing ten years from now?' )

I hope everyone has a nice winter holiday of their choice.
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So, apparently I decided to write another D.Gray-Man AU. Consider this one an alternate post-Chapter 5 (that's right, chapter 5 anyone remember early D.Gray? Yes? No? No.) Allen Walker has arrived at the Exorcist Order he is meeting all sorts of new people...1,148 words. Noot much by way of spoilers but knowledge of the most recent arc is probably a big help.

Oh, and er. Happy Thanksgiving and stuff.

Allen Walker is having a very hard first day on the job. )
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A ridiculous short, speculative KH thing I wrote a few weeks ago. Post-Birth By Sleep. References to KH2 Final Mix+ (basically, if you know anything about the Lingering Sentiment Boss....) Stuff like this exists to tide me over in the years it'll take before KH3 is announced...

In which Riku gains yet another voice in his head... )
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Title: Chimera Obscurant
Series: D.Gray-man
Warnings: standard issue D.Gray-Man body horror, EVERYTHING ABOUT KANDA'S BACKSTORY, and I don't know dudes doing it. This is the most self-indulgent thing I have ever written.
Summary: He said 'live with it', so he did. Alma Karma and Kanda Yuu.

'...I hate people who don't keep their promises.' )

It figures I would return from an impromptu hiatus with with a fic for a fandom I haven't written for in years, but then D.Gray-man had the nerve to get interesting for the first time in years. D.Gray-man is a series I will always have a confused affection for. When it is good, it is very good, but all the other times it can be so so uneven and bears all the trademarks of a first-time series for its poor stressed out mangaka. Basically I read it for Allen. I love Allen Walker. I love him in the confusing martyred face. Dear Hoshino, please don't screw him over! (she will)

So clearly that means I have write a Kanda fic.

What even? I... never even found him THAT INTERESTING.

Until these last few chapters.

Damnit Hoshino.

Anyway consider this story an AU as of chapter 199, because while I was unsurprised by the conclusion of this arc (it was the most expected conclusion) I was disappointed (it really would've been so cool if...) so, a what-if. Because once, just once, I actually want Allen to get to totally not fail at saving someone.
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Taken from [ profile] llamrei

Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

Hetalia, Princess Tutu, Assassin's Creed, Baccano!....this actually really says too much about me. )
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Hard day, thinking of a painting that really resonates with me...

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) and His Wife (Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze, 1758–1836) by Jacque-Louis David.

This one gets me for the history: Monsieur Lavoisier was a man of some repute in the scientific world, known for such little things like recognizing and naming oxygen. He was easily France's greatest scientist in the 18th century and was in general integral in the history of chemistry and biology. His wife was probably nearly as brilliant. They were the closest thing you get to a power couple back then. She was equally interested in his work and functioned in the laboratories as his assistant. She's largely credited with documenting much of his work. She was also a student of David's (she did a lot of sketches of their research), and you can really tell David knew them personally. I love how it takes what could have been a blank couple portrait and puts so much life into their expressions and the way she's leaned over him.

Lavoisier had the unfortunate trouble of having been a tax collector in Revolutionary France. Yes, that's right. France guillotined their greatest scientist. Afterward his belongings, lab equipment, and notes were seized by the government. His wife launched a bitter campaign for their return, publishing his final memoirs outlining his research and theories (as well as viciously attacking the revolution for its role in her husband's death). She can probably be credited with rescuing his legacy from the clutch of the revolution. His private belongings were returned to her a year and a half after his death.

She later remarried another scientist but for the rest of her life, refused to ever go by any other name but Madame Lavoisier.

I love this painting because it embodies a lot of what I think I look for in a relationship: a solid partnership between two strong minds who clearly help each other move forward in their pursuits and provide inspiration and drive no matter what those pursuits may be. He and the artist clearly have such regard for her, and she worked so hard to preserve his life's work. That much synergy is rare and wonderful even in the 20th century, let alone in the 18th century. She seems like one awesome lady and one can guess her husband probably agreed!
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I am juuuust tipsy enough that this seems like a good idea. (also I have scrolled down and not seen one of these memes in the first round of entries on my LJ, so I feel it's okay to do one again)

the that's my favorite! meme
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Luck has the worst Coming of Age story ever. pre-series. 791 words. Warnings for...well, Luck's choices in reading material and a mild amount of Claire.

Luck Gandor Has Opinions On 19th Century American Literature. )
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I am back from Otakon. A quiet, chill, light on douchewaffles, mildly on-fire Otakon. Lots of love to [ profile] spacetart,[ profile] dotiscute,[ profile] lacunarity, and [ profile] pengiesama for putting up with me and my wastrel ways!

Pics forthcoming, but I am still trying to stabilize to a human sleep schedule.

In summary, my new facebook profile:

raidou kuzunoha and the con that was on fiiiire
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So, er. Apparently I sort of ship Luck and Eve? Apparently I sort of ship Luck and Eve. I'm not sure exactly how this happened. I blame it on the fact they inexplicably remind me of Delita and Ovelia, just in the 1930s (?), better adjusted (?!), and less likely to shoot each other in the face (?!?!?!). Anime canon to be safe (sort of), post-series (MOST DEFINATELY). 839 words. Worksafe.

Luck Gandor Caught At Business Conference Unawares. )
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So I watched Baccano! and I liked it! And I think more people should watch this series! I could detail the reasons why but other people have beaten me to it. Also I have a huge boner for the time period. Have I mentioned I have a huge boner for the time period? What I really want to write for this is long, well-researched, stylish period pieces about prohibition era mob politics, and the advent of World War II, and how this effects the immortals. And how Claire Stanfield winds up fighting Nazis.

Instead, um, have something vague porn! Some short, sort of bendy vague porn, 'cause that's how these two roll.

Claire Stanfield Goes To Paris, Talks Too Much, And Still Gets The Girl. )
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I finished Simoun! One of those blink-and-you-miss-it yuri series from a few seasons back with a moe-tastic art direction and a confusingly fascinating premise. (Fighter pilot priestesses in a world where everyone chooses their sex when they come of age).

Some thoughts on the end!

Spoilers for series that no one saw! )

My overall consensus: problematic at points but generally positive! I think this series is a good testament to how confusingly solid writing and worldbuilding can make a series watchable even with a limited budget and very questionable art direction. Aer was an interesting gender neutral main character. The sci-fi/theocracy bent was pretty dang novel. The ending was subdued, but largely appropriate and overall most of the cast was likeable if a little neglected due to the sheer size of it. It read a lot more like a novel than an anime, which sort of worked for me (and I could mostly ignore the awful, awful moeblob designs). I'll rec it to anyone who likes war dramas and weird genderbending sci fi. Although it doesn't go quite as far with it as it probably could have. Still, worth the watch!
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At work. Bored. Phone still plotting my downfall.

Who wants drabbles?

Post from mobile portal

the future

Jun. 6th, 2010 10:52 am
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Hello world. I am updating from my new stupidly intelligent phone. This thing already knows my name and the word 'fanfiction'. It tells me the weather and what books I'd like. It will start doing dishes and turning in for work for me. I am vaguely alarmed by it. help me name it lj!
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hey guys, so we've heard lately a lot of stories about bad things going down at recent/upcoming conventions. I think it's good in times like that to remember all the good convention experiences we have. Forget all the con creepos and hotel dramas and general awfulness. We wanna hear about funny cosplay stories, fun meetups with the fanpeople you've always wanted to hang with, stupid but satisfying purchases, panels we really enjoyed, or just general awesomeness!


Please come and spread the love!


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