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So, yeah.

I guess this comes as a surprise to all one, at this point, but for [ profile] yuletide 2007 I was indeed the one who wrote Works Cited or "Orran and Valmafra do Mullonde (and a few other places while they're at it.)"

For [ profile] puella_nerdii. Annotations by one Arazlam Durai.
Finished Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions. The verdict? THIS IS THE WAY. Beautifully retranslated (in spite of some weird choices in the new romanization), the animated cutscenes were great, the voice acting was good (even the BAD Prince of Persia managed to nail it in some lines), and the extra scenes were very smoothly integrated without disrupting any of the original storyline and, in fact, made it a lot more balanced. Characters didn't just fade into the non-speaking role background as soon as they joined up anymore! Throw in some Gideon Emery coming back for an encore and you really do have a great game that was well worth the arm and a leg the PSP cost. I am going to train up my guys and play on teh internets!

...Ramza's still had some issues with that one new guy, though. Otherwise known as: the Ramza and Mustadio Variety Hour, Episode 512. )
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Meme results. I'm still working on these, slowly but surely in the scant few days of summer laziness I have left before work/LIFE IN GENERAL finally starts. (Oh my god it begins on MONDAY. I am going to DIE. AAAH.) I've been really happy with how these have been coming out. Especially the Tactics one. BECAUSE I AM PREDICTABLE LIKE THAT. And also because my Delita is apparently just bugfuck insane.

For Memlu: Final Fantasy Tactics. Delita to Ovelia. Opheliac. )
(p.s. things I never mentioned from The Great Baltimore Adventure this summer: Like gnomes, Delita and Ovelia will dig up the flowers from your garden. Just a heads up, everybody.)

For Meg: FFXII. Larsa to Penelo. His Majesty's (Fictional) Service or: My God You Have To Love A Girl Who Steals Things For You. )
At the end of the day my FFXII fic attempts are much like how I played FFXII. I was trying to grasp the beautiful, complex plot, but I kept missing it due to Vaan, Penelo, and Larsa being completely retarded.

For Terra: Okami. Ushiwaka to Amaterasu. The Sun Also Rises. )
...I've been waiting way too long to slap that title onto an Okami fic just to feel clever.

For Farli: Odin Sphere. Mercedes to The Frog. Pocket Change. )
Won't you be my Valentine?

For ningen_demonai: Ace Attorney. Phoenix to Miles. Miles Edgeworth is smarter than you. )
I wrote this after an episode of Psych. Ten points to whoever guesses which one.

For Aaron: Odin Sphere. Wagner to Hindel. Hot dragon on dragon action aaron where the heck do you come up with these things?!?! )
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PIMPING FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE MEMO. Original brainworms avec Chira may now be found at [ profile] mineoyster, which includes RP logs and little pet projects such as Wrens Make Prey, and possibly some Fortnum & Mason some day, among other things in the future. WE SHALL SEE. Check it out. If you do not come for the fic come at least for the pretty, pretty art.

Aaand trying to keep up with my ficbit exercises:

Final Fantasy Tactics. Alma Beoulve is not a happy panda right now. )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. A 10-year-old is you. In honor of this auspicious and badly translated occasion, I will now write pretentious and badly translated fic! In which Delita and Ovelia discuss things at great length and don't do very much but, hey, I think I'm totally going somewhere with this.

'I live to serve no one.' )
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The Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War opening movie is up for viewing! ... thus reaffirming my general belief that Delita Hyral is bit of a sexy bitch.

and so's alazlam, but that is an entirely different set of kinks

I liiiive.

Apr. 5th, 2007 04:54 pm
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Blah. This isn't getting any more finished the more I stare at it, and I can't remember exactly where I was going with it, and I just realized it might be nice to let people know that I am alive now that college has taken a break from KICKING MY ASS. So. Have a Nabradian morality tale.

Young Prince Rasler learns about sigils. )
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Tagged by the illustrious [ profile] bravecows, whose choices in this meme are, I guarantee you, are infinately more awesome than mine.

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

some spoilers. Kingdom Hearts, those darn Ivalice games, Bleach... )
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I'm really not sure why 'cute Valentine's couple-y fic' and 'Delita and Ovelia' ever chanced to end up in the same brainwave. I can only blame it on the fact that my Delita is just totally weird like that. But not so much with the cute. So, uh. Have at it.

Final Fantasy Tactics. Post-game. Pre-Epilogue (for obvious reasons). So much for 'simpler', Ovelia... )
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Title: 'The One Where Vaan Has To Wear A Shirt' or 'Gee, we say, Larsa'd be an awesome Bond villain...'
Characters: Vaan, Penelo. Guest appearance from prince charming Larsa Solidor.
Word Count: 2,639
Warnings: End game spoilers. Excessive amount of Vaan.
Notes: For [ profile] chirachira. I ♥ you! Feel better!

So, a pickpocket and a streetdancer go to a ball... )
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For the endlessly Cool [ profile] fabulous_papaya. There will be antics in Old Archades at some point in the near future! But for now, have post antics with a little bit more of that ominous foreshadowing this kid seems to inspire. My computer ate this three times before it finally let me finish it, which probably means I've awakened some kind of ancient curse in the process. Just a general heads up.

FFXII. Ffamran and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day... )
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FFXII. Random backstory. An excerpt from the thesis of art history major Tia Grenace, who thought that paintings from the Archadian Empire would be an easy grade...

Drucilla Dular, 674. Oil on Canvas )
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I hope everyone had a good holiday! Mine was surprisingly fun. Got some fun scarves, a back massager, and my own PS2 holy crap. Also spent it with some very nice company in a very quiet little family party. Which are the best ones when done right. Also, recieved via [ profile] yuletide: this pretty awesome gem of a fic. Raising Morgan. Which is pretty much the Howl's Moving Castle fic I've been dying to read for ages.

Also, in keeping with a general fluffy feel (if lacking a bit in snow) have some more FFXII ficlets. This time the cute tragic marrieds:

Ashe. On the Naming of Queens. )

Rasler. On Occupational Hazards. )
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Yuletide is done! And so are finals! And there is freedom! And also ficbits, because I have been itching to do them for awhile. Final Fantasy XII. Pre-series. Spoilers for...uh, the Rozzarians totally workin' it?

Al-Cid is here to have sex with your family. The 'dude your mom is HOT' mix. )
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Title: Colosseum
Series: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Those damn Imperials!
Word Count: 2,225
Summary: Pre-game, Larsa is schooled in a particular aspect of the Archadian judicial system...

The Judges Magister were on the verge of vicious heat stroke... )
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Final Fantasy XII ficlets. Posted on pain of severe poking from [ profile] chirachira and [ profile] fabulous_papaya. I hope you're happy.

Archades, wiretapping. )

aerodome, lost. )

on the education of a young prince. )
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More Vagrant Story. Set...more than a few years after the end of the game. As a counterpoint to creepy kid!Sydney fic, have some Duke Bardorba. Just. Er. A different Duke Bardorba. If yannowhatimean.

'Forgive me, my voice fails me.' )


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