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Luck has the worst Coming of Age story ever. pre-series. 791 words. Warnings for...well, Luck's choices in reading material and a mild amount of Claire.

Luck Gandor Has Opinions On 19th Century American Literature. )
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So, er. Apparently I sort of ship Luck and Eve? Apparently I sort of ship Luck and Eve. I'm not sure exactly how this happened. I blame it on the fact they inexplicably remind me of Delita and Ovelia, just in the 1930s (?), better adjusted (?!), and less likely to shoot each other in the face (?!?!?!). Anime canon to be safe (sort of), post-series (MOST DEFINATELY). 839 words. Worksafe.

Luck Gandor Caught At Business Conference Unawares. )
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So I watched Baccano! and I liked it! And I think more people should watch this series! I could detail the reasons why but other people have beaten me to it. Also I have a huge boner for the time period. Have I mentioned I have a huge boner for the time period? What I really want to write for this is long, well-researched, stylish period pieces about prohibition era mob politics, and the advent of World War II, and how this effects the immortals. And how Claire Stanfield winds up fighting Nazis.

Instead, um, have something vague porn! Some short, sort of bendy vague porn, 'cause that's how these two roll.

Claire Stanfield Goes To Paris, Talks Too Much, And Still Gets The Girl. )


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