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So, apparently I decided to write another D.Gray-Man AU. Consider this one an alternate post-Chapter 5 (that's right, chapter 5 anyone remember early D.Gray? Yes? No? No.) Allen Walker has arrived at the Exorcist Order he is meeting all sorts of new people...1,148 words. Noot much by way of spoilers but knowledge of the most recent arc is probably a big help.

Oh, and er. Happy Thanksgiving and stuff.

Allen Walker is having a very hard first day on the job. )
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Title: Chimera Obscurant
Series: D.Gray-man
Warnings: standard issue D.Gray-Man body horror, EVERYTHING ABOUT KANDA'S BACKSTORY, and I don't know dudes doing it. This is the most self-indulgent thing I have ever written.
Summary: He said 'live with it', so he did. Alma Karma and Kanda Yuu.

'...I hate people who don't keep their promises.' )

It figures I would return from an impromptu hiatus with with a fic for a fandom I haven't written for in years, but then D.Gray-man had the nerve to get interesting for the first time in years. D.Gray-man is a series I will always have a confused affection for. When it is good, it is very good, but all the other times it can be so so uneven and bears all the trademarks of a first-time series for its poor stressed out mangaka. Basically I read it for Allen. I love Allen Walker. I love him in the confusing martyred face. Dear Hoshino, please don't screw him over! (she will)

So clearly that means I have write a Kanda fic.

What even? I... never even found him THAT INTERESTING.

Until these last few chapters.

Damnit Hoshino.

Anyway consider this story an AU as of chapter 199, because while I was unsurprised by the conclusion of this arc (it was the most expected conclusion) I was disappointed (it really would've been so cool if...) so, a what-if. Because once, just once, I actually want Allen to get to totally not fail at saving someone.
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I am now back at school and moved in. I also now have three classes tommorrow. This is going to be interesting. So, here. Have more [ profile] 14_lyrics. Theme #9. D.Gray-Man.

'I sat down next to a living hell.' )
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D.Gray-Man, Allen and Rinali. Hypothetically set after the current arc, although there's not really any spoilers for anything. Mostly I just really, really like these two.

'...and I'm going to have to /believe you/. )


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