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Another kinda older thing. DMC4. Postgame fallout. No real immediate spoilers beyond who's standing at the end of everything. Mostly I was experimenting with my Nero voice. Don't think I had it down at this point.

'Settle down, Grandma.' )
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Found this while going through some files. Small thing. I think it was requested by [ profile] chirachira, although I cannot for the life of me remember the prompt. Dante and Trish. Unfinished, I think. Between the scenes DMC1. The trick to DMC1 fic is to make the dialogue as stilted and terrible as possible, and you've pretty much got the canon down.

She ain't scared of lightning. )
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A quick something before I dash off to New Jersey! DMC4, pre-game. So not much on the spoilers.

No one was ever sure why Nero set the fire... )
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So, I kinda like Devil May Cry 4's Nero a lot. I may have thus composed a post full of dumb things I have tried to write about him. So here, have a post of Dumb Things About Nero. Nothing gigantically spoilery. Although the second is pretty much assumed to be post-game. But general warnings for just a whole lot of short, plotless stupidity.

In which Nero gives Credo a headache. )

In which Nero HAS a headache (and Dante laughs). )

In which Nero CONTINUES to give Credo a headache. )
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Retarded Fortuna antics. Vaguely pre-game. No spoilers, oddly enough.

DMC4. Gloria. The Subject Was: Recent Promotions. )


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