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Apr. 6th, 2008 11:16 pm
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So the Once And Future Roommate [ profile] pocky_slash has started the terribly clever Writing Chat Thingy.

The game is very simple: a group of writers from various fandom meet in an AIM chatroom on a semi-weekly basis, [ profile] pocky_slash issues a prompt, and from thenceforth all writers involved have 15 minutes to come up with some sort of response to the prompt. It may be fanfic or original, the point is that in fifteen minutes it's to be posted in LJ-comment form for all to see and then, hopefully, discuss or pull hair about before you go another around. Now I happened to finally get myself involved with the latest round. (Fandoms are primarily original, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, The West Wing, Phoenix Wright, etc, etc.) Results on my part were of varying quality, mostly due to my being super rusty at this writing thing. But there are a few pieces I am happy with, and I will repost them here in all of their poorly edited, rushed glory.

prompt was 'write about a tool'. ergo proxy. re-l and iggy (oh yes i went there). pre-series. )

prompt was 'hesitation'. original. i guess i was on some kind of robot kick? )

prompt was 'what the neighbors saw'. Phoenix Wright. Miles and Apol--okay no, Miles and Phoenix. Possibly the piece I am most proud of. I do not pretend to have taste. )
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This just in:

Vinland Saga is the manliest manga to ever man. As is to be expected from a shockingly well-researched series about VIKINGS. I continue to be confused as to how this titles is fairly recent (some do that to me. Heat Guy J? Is totally a 90s series. It came out in 2004). It has the feel of one of those huge epic titles that started like, twenty years ago, and will go on into infinity (hi jojo). This is not the case. As I discovered when I REACHED THE END OF THE SCANS. DAMN.

In other news, have some Ergo Proxy fic. Raul Creed. 1,183 words. Spoilers for Episode 17.

If by ‘prior news’ they meant ‘laughing hysterically with a bomb strapped to his ribs’... )
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Warning #1: it is guaranteed that my first fic venture into any fandom is going to be filled with a liberal amount of suck.

Warning #2: it is also guaranteed that at least one of the fics I produce for a fandom is going to be some take on the morning after theme.

Warning #3: This fic contains both of the above.

But dangit, this series is great and these two really needed to make the hell out.


2,091 words, spoilers for most of the series.

Four Meals That Re-l Shared With Vincent and One That She Didn't. Take a guess which one this is. )


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