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So, yeah.

I guess this comes as a surprise to all one, at this point, but for [ profile] yuletide 2007 I was indeed the one who wrote Works Cited or "Orran and Valmafra do Mullonde (and a few other places while they're at it.)"

For [ profile] puella_nerdii. Annotations by one Arazlam Durai.
Finished Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions. The verdict? THIS IS THE WAY. Beautifully retranslated (in spite of some weird choices in the new romanization), the animated cutscenes were great, the voice acting was good (even the BAD Prince of Persia managed to nail it in some lines), and the extra scenes were very smoothly integrated without disrupting any of the original storyline and, in fact, made it a lot more balanced. Characters didn't just fade into the non-speaking role background as soon as they joined up anymore! Throw in some Gideon Emery coming back for an encore and you really do have a great game that was well worth the arm and a leg the PSP cost. I am going to train up my guys and play on teh internets!

...Ramza's still had some issues with that one new guy, though. Otherwise known as: the Ramza and Mustadio Variety Hour, Episode 512. )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. A 10-year-old is you. In honor of this auspicious and badly translated occasion, I will now write pretentious and badly translated fic! In which Delita and Ovelia discuss things at great length and don't do very much but, hey, I think I'm totally going somewhere with this.

'I live to serve no one.' )
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The Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War opening movie is up for viewing! ... thus reaffirming my general belief that Delita Hyral is bit of a sexy bitch.

and so's alazlam, but that is an entirely different set of kinks
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I'm really not sure why 'cute Valentine's couple-y fic' and 'Delita and Ovelia' ever chanced to end up in the same brainwave. I can only blame it on the fact that my Delita is just totally weird like that. But not so much with the cute. So, uh. Have at it.

Final Fantasy Tactics. Post-game. Pre-Epilogue (for obvious reasons). So much for 'simpler', Ovelia... )
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Title: Twenty Stories
Series: Final Fantasy Tactics
Character(s): Ramza Beoulve
Word Count: 1,833
Summary: 20 excerpts from the memoirs of Ramza Beoulve...

'I am the third son of Balbanes Beoulve...' )
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Delita, Ovelia. A seduction, of sorts.

'In my kingdom, the fields yield ash...' )
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Taking a break from writing Tidus and Yuna pirates chiraihateyou to do some more gratuitous Tactics fic. Of the gratuitous awesome sibling variety. Because one thing this game did for me was play on my hopeless, hopeless love for awesome siblings. (and Ruvelia and Larg totally don't count.) Also, have nabbed Vagrant Story. Also must belatedly pimp Afrai's most fabulous Kuchiki fic because I keep reading it. (also THANK YOU FOR THE FISH).

Anywhere, here. Have post-game Beoulve siblings. Damaged but still fluffy, damnit.

'A curious absence' ...why yes I named the chocobo after a character in that Shakespeare play where everyone eats eachother... )

And then another epilogue. Or maybe a hell I'd kick him in the shins too.

'Grab a blanket, Brother, so we don't catch cold...' )
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A short response to the Bleach 209 spread:

"Kiiiisuke," Yoruichi yowled, balling up tighter. "What part of your brilliance needed to take us here again? It's cold."

"Aaah, it's okay, it's okay!" Urahara pat her on the head. "There will be warm places! And interesting things! And vodka!"

The cat gave a low, dangerous hiss. "It had better be laced with cream."

And now, some more Tactics shorts:

Simon and Ovelia. When caught in the library for the first time... )

Orlandu and Olan. When caught altering time and SPACE... )

The Brothers Beoulve cont. When caught by castle ghosts...alternately: Zalbag's adventures in babysitting. )

Beowulf and Reis....ok this is just man/dragon lovin'. )
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So, with Hell Week over, papers done, and Freedom Sweet Freedom having been wrested from the cold dead teeth of my exams. I say to [ profile] chirachira: "Damnit, I can't write anything! Tell me to write things!" And then she did. And it is Tactics-- of the Final Fantasy variety, not the gay tengu variety...which is about all I know about that Tactics, yes. In conclusion, more FFT fic needs to exist period.

Delita. Ramza. On the road to Gariland... )

Izlude and Alma. ...Most. Awkward. Conversation. Ever. )

Zalbag, Dycedarg. The Brothers Beoulve. )

Delita and Ovelia. A courtly something or other. )
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So. Once upon a time I finished FF7, and Chira, she says to me: play Tactics! Play Tactics! So I says: Ok. And take a guess what ate my Thanksgiving Break.

So the Final Fantasy: Tactics fandom seems to be next to nil. I haven't actively looked for fic, but art has yielded, like, a big nothing. I guess I can see why: it's a pretty damn complicated plot. A lot of names, a lot of places. A lot of running around the world map. Kind of sloppy translation that makes it even more confusing. But there's prissy noble politics (which I am a sucker for) based loosely on the War of the Roses (which I am also a sucker for) and c'mon people, when all else fails, twisted political het for the WIN. Also, you know, murder and incest and bids for the crown and big gay knights and heretics and official bastards and backstabbing.

...more people need to play this game.

Final Fantasy Tactics. Ovelia and Delita. Morning Prayer. )


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