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Sinfic part 3! Now with MASSIVE SPOILERS for FMA volume 7. And warnings for blood, but, er, with the Sins what can you expect?

God's Wrath )
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And now, just for fun.

Bad Influence. )

Because clearly, depending on the circumstances, Ed would be a) the coolest uncle EVER and b) ones. worst. nightmare. Mostly because of point a, actually...
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Sinfic, part 2. Of the slightly more bizarre variety. Ok, maybe not slightly bizarre so much as it is entirely cracked.

Anyway, enjoy.

Green. )
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Ok, now this? This is definately not my fault. This is [ profile] chirachira's fault and will probably make sense to no one else anyway but damnit it's fun. Young Roy and Hughes. Contrary to popular belief, Hughes was the one with visions of a bright bright future!

...Roy just kind of tried to remember why he was friends with the guy in the first place.


And now! The Stirring Epic! )
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RE: Naruto 212, series. I love you. o.o

Aaaaand, more Fullmetal Alchemist. Small shred of shame for this one. Possible wrongness not. my. fault. Winly/Al. Sort of companion piece to Some Small Thing. PG.

Proper Maintenance. )

Sometimes I find myself wanting to write long, complicated Roy/Ed fic, involving Greek mythology and probably pretension up the ass, but I don't think it would be anything that hasn't already been done on those two, and done infinately better.

Maybe some Baby Pyro (Chira knows what I am talking about). Funny thing about FMA, I either want to do rampant speculation on its far, far future. (Fuhrer!Roy! Al as a teacher! Ed living a ridiculously long life--just because he probably doesn't expect to make it past twenty himself and it would be a delicious bit of irony..) Or rampant speculation about its far far past. Bad backstory fic, ahoy~


Tidus, you are the dorkiest dork to have ever dorked and I <3 you you dumb spazz. That's all I have to say.
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Fullmetal Alchemist ficbit before class. Bit of an odd one...History To Be Made.

'Fullmetal Alchemist of the old rule...' )
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The ending of Kingdom Hearts somehow manages to be both pretty and gutwrenchingly sad at the same time. Sora. Kairi. RIKU. AWW. I don't know who to feel the most sorry for. Probably Riku, because he's been left in a Really Bad Position. But I feel for Kairi, too. Sora is being Sora and hopeful. At least the boys still have something they can immediately DO.

Also, Ansem is strangely hot. Even if that last fight with him goes on, and on, and on, and just DIE already? I Keyblade your Big Manly Bosom.

Right. Ficcage. Fullmetal Alchemist this time. Partly a response to the wankery that's been floating around, partly a response to the INSANE WINLY CUTENESS in ep 23, partly just general love....aaand partly a bad first attempt at sorta-pr0n. Moving on.

Some Small Thing. Winly/Al (in that order, yes). R-ish. )
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Just setting the record straight: [ profile] beeblebabe and [ profile] geekerypokery write the best smut ever and everyone should read it. This is my public service announcement of the day.

Back in dorm. Psych test went well. Love the city. I get an immature giggle out of seeing a big sign that's supposed to say "Canal Jewelry" and would, if it weren't missing the "C". I was actually born in the city, though you wouldn't guess it. Only say that because mom started pointing out where we used to live in the village, my preschool, the clock on the library my dad walked me by every day--yeah, nostalgia. It's grand. But it was a nice feeling. Always is. I want to live in the city again someday. If only because it would mean I'd never have to drive. Ever. No, seriously, the idea of being supposedly in control of a big hunk of metal and explosive fluids is surprisingly unappealing to a spazz like me. I'm all for getting lost on the subway as an alternative.

That or horses. I'm all for reinstating horses as a standard mode of transportation.

Also. Unfinished ficbittery. This is a ficjournal, believe it or not. Mostly because my life is wholly standard and uninteresting barring you know fires my dorm and guys marching my roommate off to the supermarket at three in the morning because she's never had strawberries. Which um was obviously rectified.

Fullmetal Alchemist. Elric brother antics. Very much in progress. (Also. MONKEYS. Er. demi monkeys anyway. Alchemy's funny like that. Also. Al is cutest soul trapped in a suit of armor in existance....quit pouting 66.)

The chimera must have been watching... )
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Some genius lit a couch on fire.

And then I ficced. More Fullmetal Alchemist. Sinfic, at that. Mostly taken from the anime, but based on a certain scene in volume 6.

Blood is a far more viable currency... )
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Title: A Pleasure, Sir.
Author: Moonsheen
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Summary: Ryla quits.
Disclaimer: Er. Nope. Not mine.
Challenge: Obscure Characters

and i walked back down the stairs with all my bags and drove away you must be freaking out )
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More Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed-centric this time. Because we all need to get in touch with our inner bitchy little German alchemists from time to time. Mostly though, just trying to get a feel for the guy...

Bathwater )
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A portrait of the pyro as a young man... )

Part of the blame for this goes to [ profile] chirachira for aiding and abetting rampant speculation and getting a picture of a teenaged Roy (And Hughes, who clearly had always been known as such and would always be known as such) stuck in my head. Yes, yes Roy would look hot in a british school uniform, and yes, yes, the puns. are. intended. stupid. smug. alchemists. and I'm going to bed.


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