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Bleach futurefic. Therefore assume that Orihime's married and Ichigo's a rockstar when he's not a shinigami. For [ profile] dhio. Who gives the most awesome gifts. Once again: heeee, thank you.

...general warnings include violence towards schoolchildren and Renji. Who may or may not eat schoolchildren. We have yet to decide. )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] pocky_slash!

Thank you for being a great friend and also one of the bestest best roommates ever. May there be many more days of talking about gay porn at one o'clock in the kitchen of our apartment. Everyone should go and wish her a happy 21st, like, right now. 'cause she's awesome like that. Also if you want to request anything I will totally mail it to you if it doesn't get done before you go away for the summer!

And, to [ profile] bravecows, who wanted a petting and also a story:

So here is a story. It's Rikichi again and it's that continuity again but the guest appearances make up for it, I think... )
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Rereading the early chapters of Bleach: why don't more people realize what a beautiful little piece of work Rukia obviously was pre-series? No really, she is her brother's miniature. Except maybe more nasty, and less refined. Dark!Rukia is hot. With that in mind, have a ficbit:

...she does her brother's business. )
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I like Rikichi. I like Rikichi a lot. I liked him when he had no name and so for its lack I called him "Renji's nameless bitch boy." ...also Byakuya is terribly off in this, I think. But I blame that on writing this in an effort not to pay attention to my history class. (also he might be high on painkillers anyway. Not that he'll admit to it, the priss.)

The concept I just blame on my icon.

6th Division. Rikichi and Byakuya: Yes sir, no sir, absolutely sir, of course not sir. Sir is said a lot in this. )
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[ profile] 14_lyrics. Bleach again. Alleybrat antics in the redlight districts. And for the record: yes that's who you think it is, and yes she almost broke his wrist.

Theme #7: 'Everything you touch, you don't feel; do not know what you steal' )
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First fic done for [ profile] 14_lyrics (everyone join, like, now. There is Ted Leo and Ben Folds in the challenges. How can you lose.) It is, predictably, Bleach. Pre-series. Shameless 'how they met' speculation. Answer: Not so cute.

Theme 1: Where's my home, sir? )
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The key to writing Byakuya is to read a lot of haiku beforehand. Again spoilers for Bleach 179.

'How it had broken was a mystery to her...' )
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So. Bleach 179, in a word:


And now, in a few more, a ficbit:

Byakuya and Hisana. spoilers for 179 and OMG MYSTERIES SOLVED, obviously )
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So about a month (or two? I don't know I've lost track it's been awhile) I had a crack theory, and I started with a necessary 'get out of my head' short fic. About a character that kind of annoyed me. With the hopes to make it go away. It didn't. It ran away on me, and now it's finally finished. I guess I can now say I've come out of it an odd, newfound affection for aforementioned character: The. God. Damn. Priss.

Title: Tsubaki

Genre: Drama, bastardized backstory

Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya, Ukitake Jyuushiro, Hisana

Spoilers: Most of the series up till…137, I think? Not sure. The chapter “Individual Thoughts.” Sort of. Not really. Since we’ve been left going “???” over it.

Summary: Byakuya on the subject of war, poetry, and growing up in the Kuchiki household.

Tsubaki )


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