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Bleach futurefic. Therefore assume that Orihime's married and Ichigo's a rockstar when he's not a shinigami. For [ profile] dhio. Who gives the most awesome gifts. Once again: heeee, thank you.

...general warnings include violence towards schoolchildren and Renji. Who may or may not eat schoolchildren. We have yet to decide. )
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Rereading the early chapters of Bleach: why don't more people realize what a beautiful little piece of work Rukia obviously was pre-series? No really, she is her brother's miniature. Except maybe more nasty, and less refined. Dark!Rukia is hot. With that in mind, have a ficbit:

...she does her brother's business. )


Nov. 6th, 2005 06:36 pm
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I want to be able to use the phrase 'most fuzzily' in everything. Except porn. Because I do not go for that kind of porn.

Ichigo and Rukia. Pre-SS. Now guest starring Audrey II! Also, dog. )
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Today I found myself alone in the apartment. My roommate was out. The rest of my roommates were out. I was, indeed, quite alone this establishment. My first, brief thought was: "...gee. I could close the blinds and walk around the apartment naked right this second and no one would ever know."

Which I proceeded to...not actually do. But it's the thought that counts.

This message is brought to you....with apologies to [ profile] pocky_slash, basically.

Anyway, it's August 31st. Thus, one Abarai Renji's birthday. In honor of this occasion I have written the most pointless fic ever. But you have to admit, the most pointless fic ever is kind of appropriate for a guy who blows his monthly salary on a crapload of sunglasses. Warnings for...Renji. And Rikichi. And Rikichi abuse. But also some schmoop. Because it's sure how I kind of like to think the aftermath of the Soul Society arc went. Set after chapter 181.

'we're here and now but will we ever be again...' )
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...there is nothing redeeming about this post whatsoever. Other than Muun thought "DAMNIT I AM GOING TO WRITE PORN" for the sake of the attempt. And attempt she did. Attempt. Not quite work-safe, although not anything terribly graphic...? The author, she is bad at this. Anyway, short and very plot-lite. Er, enjoy.

#1: After Dark (...a sort-of followup to 'About The Body') )

#2: A Very Uncomfortable Situation. (Izuru. Academy days.) )

#3: deny me your circumstance (Renji/Rukia ...something.) )
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Perpetrators: One Abarai Renji and one Kuchiki Rukia.

Time of Incident: Pre-series.

Damage done: Vaguely R-rated. Mostly just stupid.

Suspected Motives: Rukia is a scary little control freak. Except when she's not.

“Those tattoos had to decide to become parasitic eventually--” )
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To: [ profile] chirachira, [ profile] dosetsu, and Aaron. FINE FINE FINE. I WROTE IT. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

To everyone else, I am so sorry. Warnings for: m/f/f. general badness. Also random Shinigami dumbassery to top it all off.

To one Kuchiki Rukia: Happy birthday.

'Didn’tcha hear back there? Vice-Captain Shiba let the fourth squadron outta that meeting twenty, thirty minutes ago...' )
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I drown my sorrows in chocolate, chips, pr0n, and more vague character wanking. I have come to the conclusion Kuchiki Rukia is a little consumer whore. Among other things.

Bleach shortfic: On the subject of want. )
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Bleach drabble. Ichigo and Rukia. On the matter of a little hair dye. Short and stupid. Slight spoilers I guess? It makes more sense if you've read up to 134.

Warnings for Blatant Misuse of Certain Food Items. )
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Ok, I started this on the 31st. So it still counts! Right? Right? ....ok or not. Anyway, Happy Birthday Renji. Here have big stinky alleybrat foot in the face. Pre-series. Very, very pre-series.

'He's never cared about her powers, so he's never asked.' )
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I should be working on other things. But this just popped up. Short. Very rough. Not much more to say. Oh. Right. pre-series.

Dead of Night )
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A breif response to Otakon:


A breif, fairly non-spoilerific response to Naruto 226:

...damn. That's kind of cool, there. LOOK. THE TECHNIQUES THEY ARE MATING.

A not as breif, fairly spoilerific response to Chapter 144 of Bleach )

That said, here. Have Bleach ficbitterness. er. or dumb alleybrat antics.

'Weirdos, all of them.' )
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All right, so anyone who has not read [ profile] harukami's Bleach drabbles needs to do so, right now. Anyone who has not read Bleach also needs to do so right now. Shinigami antics! Shinigami antics albeit minus the gay (for the Yami no Matsuei fans in the crowd), but it can be forgiven, because hey there's a bitchy Kurosaki in this series too.

Anyway have some Bleach fic. Renji/Rukia. Shinigami antics of the....well ok this is just rampant proof that I should not attempt anything of this sort ever again. For the world's own good. So sliiight content warning.

Set after the current arc.

Lay Me Down )
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Dear FMA,

...You've been taking your meds right? Right?

Dear Naruto,

I still love you baby, you know that, don't you?

Dear Prince of Tennis,

Stop eating people. You're not that cool. No, I don't want to touch your balls.

Dear Bleach,

FINE. FINE. I GIVE. You've made a fine fine three course dinner out of my brain. Here's your bloody Rukia introspective. Hope you're happy. Hmmph.

She's read the poetry of the condemned. )


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