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So anyone has ever talked to me about Odin Sphere has probably heard all about the stupid AU I have in my head that I refer to as the Not-a-dämmerung. Which is to say my big stupid 'what if Ragnarok DIDN'T come the way it was supposed to' AU-- incidentally this is not a spoiler. The game is called Odin Sphere. There is copious Norse mythology. OF COURSE RAGNAROK IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Except in these stories it didn't. Or rather it did but it didn't happen the way it was supposed to. Anyway, here. Have some fic.

Everyone's talking about how Titania's gone to the bad... )
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I like Cornelius from Odin Sphere. Not the brightest boy, that Cornelius. But at least his heart's in the right place. All that illicit handholding aside.

Warning: this was totally written after to listening to like a crapload of Disney covers, via [ profile] chirachira. It shows.

How Corny Met Velvet. )
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Meme results. I'm still working on these, slowly but surely in the scant few days of summer laziness I have left before work/LIFE IN GENERAL finally starts. (Oh my god it begins on MONDAY. I am going to DIE. AAAH.) I've been really happy with how these have been coming out. Especially the Tactics one. BECAUSE I AM PREDICTABLE LIKE THAT. And also because my Delita is apparently just bugfuck insane.

For Memlu: Final Fantasy Tactics. Delita to Ovelia. Opheliac. )
(p.s. things I never mentioned from The Great Baltimore Adventure this summer: Like gnomes, Delita and Ovelia will dig up the flowers from your garden. Just a heads up, everybody.)

For Meg: FFXII. Larsa to Penelo. His Majesty's (Fictional) Service or: My God You Have To Love A Girl Who Steals Things For You. )
At the end of the day my FFXII fic attempts are much like how I played FFXII. I was trying to grasp the beautiful, complex plot, but I kept missing it due to Vaan, Penelo, and Larsa being completely retarded.

For Terra: Okami. Ushiwaka to Amaterasu. The Sun Also Rises. )
...I've been waiting way too long to slap that title onto an Okami fic just to feel clever.

For Farli: Odin Sphere. Mercedes to The Frog. Pocket Change. )
Won't you be my Valentine?

For ningen_demonai: Ace Attorney. Phoenix to Miles. Miles Edgeworth is smarter than you. )
I wrote this after an episode of Psych. Ten points to whoever guesses which one.

For Aaron: Odin Sphere. Wagner to Hindel. Hot dragon on dragon action aaron where the heck do you come up with these things?!?! )
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So, I really like Oswald from Odin Sphere. He's like an albino Sasuke except more emotionally retarded! It occurred to me I have yet to post anything that's not about the fairy girl. I thought I ought to fix this. WARNING: boring character introspective. Spoilers for Gwendolyn's book and vague vague allusions to Oswald's. Oswald being a stalker.

Odin Sphere. On Horn Mountain, he thought of the valkyrie... )
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Odin Sphere. Spoilers up through Mercedes' story. A young queen has her doubts about what's to come....

(and the frog is awesome)

Though one might say Mercedes woke up with a jerk. )
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Brief Odin Sphere fic! Placeholder for when I write something actually, uh, substantial. This is just some post-game nonsense. Spoilers for Mercedes' story and the True Ending.

Oh, that Alice. Where was her head at? )
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Right, so. Now that I'm at the line of final bosses in record time (for me) I guess it's about time I get around to pimping Odin Sphere. I bought it on impulse when bumming around in the city with [ profile] sarisa and [ profile] chirachira in post-con antics (WHICH WERE AWESOME). My logic was this: "It's new. It's an Atlus game. I'm vaguely interested. Better get it now because next year it's going to cost a few limbs." It turned out to be well worth taking a chunk out of my (still goddamnit) unemployed ass. Seeing as I've been playing it for most of the last week and have just now emerged to tell the tale. (okay I lie, other stuff happened hanging with Chira! Hi Chira! I still love you! Hope the comic or HP pr0n or LJs crusade against HP pr0n hasn't eaten you yet!)

Anyway, as it is not a Final Fantasy game, there is a sad lack of people that a) know that the game exists b) know that it is feggin' GORGEOUS (seriously, just check out the trailer) or c) know the joys of prancing through the fairy forests with your pert little ass ON FIRE while collecting the right ingredients so that your character can scarf on cheesecake for three hours. I want to die

And so, have a pimp post:



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