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So the new Bleach filler arc is basically just bad fanfic. What else is new.

Well, the fact that it's bad fanfic I'd actually write.

And have in fact written.

guys guys what is this

what is this

omg shirayuki is SO. PRETTY. but oh god why zabimaru, whyyyyy
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Bleach. Three instances of swordpr0n I did for [ profile] autophanous's Zanpakutou Spam Party. Just reposting to remind me of my DEEP ABIDING SHAME. (okay I lie, I'm doing it for [ profile] bravecows because the first one is. well. )

red on white on red. )

Birds of a feather. Now with stylistic lack of shift key. )

Ok don't read this one. Seriously. Don't. )
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Some people are slashing (harharhar because they're swords, get it?) Zangetsu and Shirayuki. That is all well and good but...

You know that 'zanpakutou are kind of like daemons in HDM' level of odd? ....this is more of that. )
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Taking a moment to pimp mine and [ profile] pocky_slash's new community [ profile] fridge_fics. A new fic challenge community inspired by boredom and refrigerators. C'mon, people. You know you want to check it out. ♥ THE POWER OF THE EVIL SMOOTHIE COMPELLS YOU.

In other news, I have written nastywrong sword pr0n (well as much pr0n as I can ever manage) as a gift. And I think you all need to enjoy my secret kinks shame.

Also Benihime is a ho.

Also Bleach 195 breaks my brain.

Benihime/Zangetsu (yes you read that right.). Walking through a world of endless doors and endless red and endless... )
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For [ profile] memlu. Not-quite-porn. Kaien and the Lady Shiba. ...with additional Wrongness With Swords. (it's fun to think of the zanpakutou in Bleach as being like the Daemons in His Dark Materials, see.) Happy happy birthday to you. ♥

After a hunt. )


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