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Ah, guess I'm a day late for the BIG UNMASKING? Oh well. HARK! TIS I who wrote [ profile] yuletide story Gerda and the Snow Queen for [ profile] ave_eva. Which is rough in places that still make me wince, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and glad that my recipient enjoyed. ♥

Meanwhile, because my f-list is doing it and I wanna be one of the cool kids: New Years Request Meme. Standard flavor this time. You know how this goes: name a fandom/pairing/characters and I write you a story of dubious drabble status to the best of my ability provided said request does not destroy my brain.
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Okay I am uninspired and putting off actual work. So I believe it is time for people to tell me to write things. Name me a character A and a character B (preferably from the same series, preferably from a series I'm familiar with) and I will write a letter/e-mail/restraining order, written from A to B.

meme time!

Aug. 26th, 2006 05:44 pm
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I should be packing to go back to school.

So, naturally, I'm gonna do a Top Five meme instead. Ask for a Top Five Anything ("Top five favorite hats!") and I will answer ("1. Blue Hats 2. Hats on Cats..."). The catch is do not ask for my top five, ask for the top five of any fictional character in a series I have written for/have an interest in. ("i.e. No Gain's top five favorite types of sushi." "1) NONE 2) NONE 3) NEVER 4) CAN'T MAKE ME 5) SUBSTITUTE FISH FOR A PINEAPPLE AND THEN WE WILL TALK.")
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Can't guarantee any of these will get done. Because. Uh. I can't write porn. But.

Give me a series/pairing and an emotion, and I'll write at least two paragraphs of smut.


Mar. 9th, 2006 12:28 pm
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It has come to my attention that I can't write action scenes.

I am currently writing for a comic where action scenes are seriously required.

This may be a problem.

So. Meme time: Request two-or-three characters (preferably of the same canon) within a series I know, and I shall try to write FIGHT-O. Or at least some vaguely action-y happenings going on between them.

knowing a lot of shounen manga comes in really, really handy for things like this...
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There should be some sort of official 'ok I am going to do a meme now' process, I think. Like, perhaps, a banner that says something like "MEME MEME MEME the MEMELIEST MEME TO EVER MEME". Not to be confused with Mem who is awesome and has a duck, or uh. I don't know, a character from La Boheme.

That said. Yes. A meme:

Pick one fandom (that I am familiar with) and, in a few lines or so, describe to me the concept for a GREAT MULTICHAPTER EPIC fanfic (you know the ones. Like those 50,000 Ranma 1/2 Apocalypse fanfics back in the day). Things like '[insert character here]'s TRAGIC BACKSTORY' or '[insert multiple characters here] must team up to save the world from...'. AU, future-tense, whacky weddings or otherwise: throw out your idea for some Big Stirring Plot...and I will (try) to write the final scene.

...also I reserve the right to refuse the touching, heartbreaking tale of The Uchiha Prostitution Ring, just no.
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...went to bed, at like, ten in the morning. Woke up, like, just now.

I've been better.

In the mean time, though. One line meme! Give me a character/pairing the whatnot + one word from a series I know, and I will give you approximately one line in return.
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Give me a character or pairing (that I'm familiar with) and a word, and I will write you one line of fic here.

character/pairing. and then word. I am totally not stealing this from [ profile] memlu, [ profile] autophanous, and [ profile] riddering etc etc. Except that I am.
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I haven't done one of these for awhile, and I'm bored, and I feel a need to be productive about something therefore. Ficbit request time! Give me a characters, series, and/or circumstance, and I shall try my merry damnedest to give you fic in return. Length is debatable. Quality will be VERY debatable. Prose will possibly be purple. Pr0n will possibly be HORRIBLY BAD. But ohgodheregoes.

Fandoms as (vaguely) listed:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Shamanic Princess
Kingdom Hearts (and uh, by extension. Disney. Shaddup. I LIKE MY URSULAFIC DAMNIT)
Samurai Champloo
Avatar: The Last Airbender (...I make no guarantees on this one though. Except that I LOVE THIS FAKE ANIME and EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE EP 13 LIKE NOW)
Zombie Powder
The Incredibles (why not.)

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Since it's summer and I have no more papers in the way, no dumb excuses, and am a hopeless masochist, I think I'll go with what all the cool kids are doing and open up the drabble meme again. You know the drill: Gimme series, characters, situation. And if it doesn't immediately break my brain (...chira yes, I AM looking at you) I'll write a short piece of god-knows-how-many-words-I-Am-Bad-At-This in response. So let's get to it.


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